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A Mining Dispute

Since my last three characters were monsters I decided to practice making something humanoid with clothes and hair. Still, I wanted to make something more interesting in shape so I went for a dwarf duelist.
I sculpted the body in Zbrush and then made the clothes in Marvellous designer, detailed them in Zbrush and re-meshed them in Blender. Relearning Marvellous was actually fun and made the clothes creation process faster than I thought it would be.
Hair and beard texture were made in Blender and positioned in the form of hair cards using curves. This was a new experience for me and it felt painfully slow. In the end I think I got the hang of it although I know it will take a lot more practice to get a better result than good enough.
Texturing of the clothes, the face and the weapons was done in Substance painter. Rigging was done using blenders rigify addon and I also made a walk cycle animation to test the rig.
In conclusion this project took way longer than I thought it would, but in the end I am happy I did it, because I learned a lot of new skills.